Structures of Nature

Michaela Christiane Wiegele’s paintings and drawings are brimming with magic and mystical energy. The contemplative mood of her works is reminiscent of Asian painting or the misty landscapes of German Romanticism.

Thanks to her deep connection with nature (which is constantly changing because of human intervention), the Carinthian artist manages to create an atmospheric space that sets our senses in motion. Wiegele enriches our capacity to sense and feel by transforming landscapes into contemplative energy fields.

Her landscapes reveal a kind of in-between space, which is called MA in Japanese and denotes a philosophical/spiritual dimension. Not unlike William Turner’s misty land- and seascapes or Victor Hugo’s visionary drawings, Wiegele’s motifs trace the fine line between figuration and ephemeral abstraction. Her inner world seems to be turned inside out in her paintings, revealing in diffuse light what is usually hidden. With her art, Michaela Christiane Wiegele manages to create structures of silence and reduction. Gazing at her works, our minds — which tend to be overly rational as a sign of our times — are lured back into the sphere of the secret.

Hartwig Knack

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